bodymind health

Established by naturopath and eating psychology coach Micaela Monteiro-Haig, bodymind health is dedicated to offering holistic and integrative healthcare for individuals of all ages through the fusion of naturopathy and eating psychology principles. The philosophy behind bodymind health is anchored in the belief that body and mind are one; our mind does not come only from our brain but inhabits our body. As such an individual is treated as a whole. Just like the many pappus in a dandelion with their silky white tufts of hair that create its shape, we too are 'shaped' by the many facets that influence our health. Our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual states all have an influence in how we travel in our health journey.  As such, bodymind health is committed to honouring all these facets of an individual to help bring about healing.

Part of bodymind health's philosophy is the belief that every individual should be made to feel empowered regarding their health via the knowledge of how their bodies function and the various options available to them regarding treatment. Micaela believes in seeing people happy and thriving in life; for them to have the vitality and energy they want in order to fulfill their purpose, and to have victory over their health challenges. Bodymind health is commited to helping you live the simple truth of who you are because healing is not just the removal of symtoms, it is the return of life and the living of it.