7 reasons to see a Naturopath


1. You want someone who will spend more than ten minutes with you

A typical initial naturopathic consult runs for one to one and a half hours and a naturopath will explore your health concerns in a holistic way. We take the time to take into consideration your mental, emotional, as well as the physical factors that have contributed to your health challenge.  We look at your dietary habits, lifestyle, sleep quality, as well as pscychosocial factors such as your relationships and how you feel you fit in the world. 

2. You want more than symptom control

Naturopaths strive to identify and treat the root cause of your health concerns. We strive to remove the obstacles to healing and promote the 'natural path' on your health journey. We aim to bring balance in all aspects of your life and we practice preventative medicine.

3. You would like supplements that are right for you

A naturopath can advise you on the supplements that are most appropriate for you and at the right dose. This means that you can leave the guess work out of which supplement is right for you and may even save you some money in the long run. 

4. You want effective treatment plans with fewer side effects

Naturopaths use a variey of therapeutic modalities. Nutritional and herbal medicine have a great deal of evidence (both traditional and scientific-based) relevant to alleviating certain conditions, with fewer side effects compared to some conventional medications.

5. You want support alongside prescription medication

Some medications can cause side effects as well as deplete nutrients that your body needs. A naturopath can prescribe a diet, herbs or nutrients to support your body and mitigate the side effects from medication. Some nutrients and herbs can actually enhance some pharmaceutical medications resulting in a positive interaction.

6. You feel something is not quite right with your health but you can't pin point what it is

Not feeling well and been told all your blood tests 'look fine'? A degree-qualified naturopath can have a second look at your tests through the eyes of functional medicine. In other words, we look to see if your body is functioning in an optimal way and look for clues where things may not be working as well as they should. 

7. You would like a mentor, cheerleader, coach, counsellor to help you achieve your health goals

Degree-qualified naturopaths have been trained to be mentors, educators and counsellors when it comes to helping you achieve your health goals. At the end of the day, it is you who does the hard work .We offer guidance and support and strive to be a partner in your health journey.



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